Here is all you need to know about ‘Soft Skills’

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All of us aspire to achieve certain heights in our lives and to set the stones rolling we list out a set of skills in our mind and start working on them. But are these skills enough? Are they all what the employers want? Don’t worry we are not here to make you doubt yourself but we would certainly like to draw your attention to an equally important set of skills you might have ignored.Research suggests that being well versed with soft skills in this highly competitive world propels your personal and professional growth. Soft skills, also known as people’s skill, are a general measure of a person’s EQ (Emotional Quotient). Soft skills cover both self­development skills and work related skills. Good communication skills, body language, time management, stress management, integrity, perseverance, confidence are all part of Self­development skills while networking skills, leadership skills, flexibility, persuasion skills, management skills and so on constitute work related skills. It’s a really tough job for an individual to master each one of these skills. A better way is to introspect and list out the qualities you already have and which ones are more important to you personally. Soft skills can’t really be taught, a better way to acquire them is to try imbibing them in your life. Pick up one soft skill each week and try to work on it, whole heartedly! Practice, as aptly said, is the key to master anything.

People often question if they should focus on hard skills or soft skills. No doubt, hard skills are extremely vital, since that’s what a company hires you for! But hard skills alone can’t help you survive all the possible hardships you may encounter during your job. Here is where soft skills come in play. A good set of soft skills complement hard skills. They help you leave a great impression at the first sight. Shortcomings in your hard skills can be easily covered up by your communication and networking skills. Additionally, absence of soft skills is often seen as a big factor why employers reject applicants. For asserting your rights and proving your points, soft skills are absolute pre­requisites.

Actions speak louder than words and hence soft skills are extremely important to excel. So keep learning and keep prospering.

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Here is all you need to know about ‘Soft Skills’

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