Here’s all you need to know about Cloud Computing!

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Cloud, the one of technology, has rained all over the world. Even though it has forayed into each of our lives, we hardly understand what it is. Here we try to explain you in simple terms – What is cloud computing all about. Let us discuss it from the scratch, to even make a layman realise the awesomeness of this technology.

In plain words, Cloud Computing is a way to store and access data over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. Back in time, we had to store all our data on the local hard drive of a computer, which is costly and slows down computer processes. To resolve all this, the concept of Cloud Computing was born. With the help of Cloud Computing, we can store all our data on a remote computer and can access it anywhere with the help of internet, which is exactly the solution to our problem. Now you must be thinking, what’s the ‘cloud’ in this? Well cloud is nothing but the Internet. So now, what’s the Internet? Again it’s simple, Internet is an interconnection of networks which enables every computer to be connected to any computer in this whole world.

To make it simpler, visualise the cloud to be a real gaseous cloud up somewhere in the sky, like all the clouds. Now visualise all the computers in the world connected to it, with the help of invisible wires. Now, as we can perceive, all the computers are connected to each other and your computer can put its data in some other’s computer, and then access it from there and vice-versa. Yes , that’s all what cloud computing is.

To make you understand how you have been unknowingly using and thriving on cloud technology, here are some of the things cloud has made possible:

  • E-mail Communication : Emails won’t be existing today if the concept of Cloud Computing was not invented. Now, think what do you do when you access email services (like Gmail,Yahoo and other), you  get access to your emails which is nothing but  data stored at some other place  (Application data-centers)  which is definitely not your local hard-disk.
  • Collaboration Made Easy : You can today easily share your documents and other files which was previously considered to be a costly and timely affair.With applications like Google Drive, users can create and share files and invite others to edit,  comment and collaborate with it in real time.
  • The Virtual Office : Cloud Computing’s most popular use is to enable business owners to ‘rent’ Softwares, Infrastructure and Platforms instead of buying them. Google Drive, Microsoft One are the most popular applications for running virtual office.
  • Extra Processing Power at Lower Cost : With Cloud Solutions you are allowed to hire extra processing power for just a fraction of what you pay now, all without any hassles. That’s not all about Cloud Computing, it is a big field consisting of many interesting concepts to learn. In the end I would conclude by saying that cloud technology is purely based upon the quote – “Sharing is Caring”


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Here’s all you need to know about Cloud Computing!

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