Here’s how you can start your own cafe lounge!


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We all wonder whether we live to eat food or eat food to live, such is the priority delicious food holds in our lives. Restaurants, cafes and lounges, the places we throng to taste delicacies, put in a lot of effort to create such an experience for us. Here we tell you how to start a restaurant.
A Restaurant needs some specific divisions so as to operate smoothly and track its performance. Here are some such divisions –how to start a restaurant


Now, let’s discuss about How to start a restaurant:

  • The first task is to build a business development (BD) team whose work is to identify the perfect location for the restaurant which matches the target audience of your restaurant. Now if my target audience is youngsters, I will likely choose a famous nearby market for my restaurant location. During all this time, the Licensing team procures requisite licenses. A small list of required licenses is mentioned below –
  • Once the location identification is done, the projects team/departmentwill construct the restaurant as per the Layout, Computer Aided Designs and the concept finalized. Projects team is required to prepare project tracker having details of day wise work to be executed.
  • In between the restaurant construction –
    • Human resource (HR) team recruit staff required in the restaurant
    • Supply Chain (SC) team will procure material (Small wares, Crockery, Cutlery and Glassware’s) and  identify food vendors, administrative vendors etc.
    • Marketing team starts social media marketing, food bloggers events, campaigns so as to popularize their restaurant.
    • Information technology (IT) team sets up restaurant server and POS (Point of sales) terminal in restaurant.
  • Now, the restaurant becomes operational!
  • Marketing team popularise the restaurant by entering into various agreements with –
    • Social media partners
    • Public relation partners
  • The major task is of Restaurant Operational staffs that have to do the field work. Proper training should be imparted to operational staff in regard to –
    • Food Preparation
    • Customer Handling
    • Restaurant Handling Process
  • Finance team shall compare the revenue achieved with budgeted sales estimated by marketing team, reconcile stock available in the warehouse on weekly or monthly basis and track other monthly closure activities.

This was our attempt to give you In brief an idea about what all goes into making a well performing food outlet. So, if in case you plan to start your own food joint, do invite us over.


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Here’s how you can start your own cafe lounge!

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