MBA from India vs MBA abroad – Take a better call

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MBA aspirants have always been confused about where to do MBA from i.e. mba in india vs mba abroad. It is one of those exquisite questions which have no exact answer since it depends upon the individual making the choice. However, to make this decision easy for you, we have evaluated the two options in detail. Here are some criteria you can use to compare the two:
  •      Personal Growth

Foreign universities are known for maintaining diversity in their student batches. This makes them the best place to get global exposure and propel one’s personal growth. Working and interacting with individuals from such varied backgrounds helps you develop a lot more than you would have from interacting with members of your own community while doing MBA from India. Also, Indian institutions usually focus on Indian economy which is in contrast to the focus on global economy given by MBA institutes abroad.

  •     Skill Development


The top-tier MBA institutes in both India and abroad give equal importance to skill development. Internship is now compulsory in almost all MBA colleges in India. There is also a rising trend of pre-placement offers in the country. However, industries in India think of interns as free labour whereas companies abroad take their interns as prospective future business managers. The course content and pedagogy of MBA institutes abroad is much superior to that of Indian colleges.

  •     International Mobility

Even though top Indian MBA institutes like ISB and IIMs have witnessed international placements, most of the MBA graduates from India find it difficult to get jobs abroad. So if you wish to work or settle abroad, then MBA in India is a less attractive than MBA abroad.

  •     Return on Investment

    This is one aspect where MBA institutes in India score much higher than their foreign counterparts. Average fees charged by IIMs is around 15-20 lakhs whereas MBA fees abroad is around 30-50 lakhs. The considerations of living expenses further widen the difference in costs between the two options. The ROI of MBA from institutes like IIMs, ISB, XLRI etc. often exceed that of top MBA colleges abroad. If you are doing an MBA abroad, it is suggested that you work abroad for some years and recover the cost.

  •     Placements


The job opportunities are fairly good if you graduate from a top institute whether in India or abroad. It is suggested that an individual should focus on his skills and expertise as that is what companies look for. However, we advise that you should consider the global economy outlook as it can dampen your job prospects abroad.

In the end, you need to rate your choices on the basis of above criteria and choose the one which best suits your life goals. We hope we helped make things clear for you. Wish you all the luck!

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MBA from India vs MBA abroad – Take a better call

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