School Life to College life : What All Changes!

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As a school student, college is that fantasy where we are free, wild, and crazy or anything our soul wishes to be. We start imagining it to an extent of dreamland. Here we tell you some stark differences between school and college.

No Uniform

The basic difference between school life and college life is the elimination of the school uniform. Everyone gets bored wearing the same school dress for 12 long years. College is the perfect place for fashionistas. You get to experiment and learn about different styles of clothing, new hair styles, funky looks and occasion specific dressing codes. In all, you get to shop and flaunt well.

Attendance – Don’t worry

In school you have to go to your school regularly and have to devise thousands of excuses to justify an off. Well college is a relief if you happen to be lazy. You can go if you wish or could simply hang around with friends. Bunk is no more a cool word, it becomes everyone’s legal right.

More Opportunities

In college many opportunities come across your life. And it’s totally up to you how you grab them. . You get to participate in college events, fests, elections and NGO’s. All of these experiences will help you form ambitions and expectations out of yourself. The opportunities of growth are the single best thing about college.

Grow Independent

Many college students live in the hostel or as a paying guest. Sharing and living with unknown people helps you come out of your shell. You learn to express and listen at the same time. Even if you happen to stay with family, the time spent at college makes you an independent decision maker.

For all the students out there waiting to get into the various colleges across the country, we only have one thing to say: All of you are in for an experience of a lifetime. Study hard and enjoy your college life to the fullest. A wonderful experience awaits you.


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School Life to College life : What All Changes!

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