The Future of Education : Smart-Ed


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Smart cars, smartphones, smart watches, so why now smart-ed.  Well its seems that the time for smart-ed has finally arrived. Gone are those days when a student ran out of paper on his notebook, gone are those days when he would have to go out in search for books and gone are those days when being sick made you miss out on a school day.
Presenting the new era in education, Smart-Ed.

Smart-Ed or in simple language the application of technology in the education sector to make the lives and understanding capabilities of a child more versatile and broad. Just imagine instead of writing in numerous notebooks for different subjects, one could use a tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 to write an infinite amount of data and is able to store it on the cloud without having to fear that it might be lost. Imagine instead of going out in search for books, one could simply with the tap of a button download books by paying online. Imagine that a sick child gets to glance at all the recorded videos of whatever was taught in school that day. Seems too distant to be true. Well views again, as those days are nearly upon us.

However not everything is perfect. There are also some drawbacks to such technology such as –

  1. The child becomes too dependent upon the tech.
  2. Electronic screen could cause eye strains.
  3. Not every child would be able to afford such technology.
  4. Implementation of such an idea is quite difficult and is time consuming.
  5. Practical experiments can’t be done on computer screens.

Yet despite these drawbacks, smart-ed would turn out to be a game changer in education and is likely to have a great and positive impact.

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The Future of Education : Smart-Ed

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