Man wrongly sentenced to 115 years of jail. The compensation he gets will move you!

mck4The man you see in the photo above is Lawrence McKinney. He was 22 years old when he was accused of rape in 1977, which he actually didn’t commit. A women in her neighborhood was raped by two intruders in her home and she wrongly identified one of them as McKinney. He was sentenced to a 115 years of imprisonment and few other burglary charges.

Finally he was  released in 2009, after DNA tests cleared him of the acquisitions. He has now petitioned to the state to compensate him for $1 Million so that he could start his life afresh. But all he has received is a sum of $75.

Mckinney is now asking the Tenessee Governor Bill Haslam to compensate him for the said amount. But the request has been denied by “Board of parole” who ultimately makes recommendations to governor. But Jack Lowery (An attorney ook lawrence) says that the decision making should lie in the hands of the governor.

mck2Mckinney with his lawyer

“All I ask is that I be treated right and fair for what has happened to me”
In 2010 , he married a girl with whom he had corresponded in jail. Although he has spent half his life in lock-up for the crime he didn’t commit, he is not bitter or angry with anyone because he has developed belief in god and married a good wife.


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Man wrongly sentenced to 115 years of jail. The compensation he gets will move you!

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