You never knew that these simple home-made hacks can make you shed KGs!

One of the most searched terms by health conscious people on internet is ” How to lose weight fast at home without exercise ” . Burger, pizza, light snacks , who doesn’t like them? But it’s a know fact that we are consuming them at the cost of your fitness. So here are three simple ways or basically home-made drinks along with which you can enjoy your favourite food without having to worry about your weight. 

1.Lemon-honey-water :


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lemon helps lever in producing bile juice which is responsible for breaking down complex fat molecules. On the other hand, honey acts as an energy booster and helps lose weight fast.The recipe for this drink is very simple. Take a glass of lukewarm water. Squeeze one lemon and add one spoon of honey and stir them well. Your potion is ready now. Precaution: Don’t have coffee or milk immediately after or before having this delicious drink.

2.Digestive tea :


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Well, unlike other tea flavors, this one is quite healthy and improves digestion. For this tea we need coriander seed, fennel seed and cumin seeds. Mix all the seeds and take one spoon of them. Now add them in a bowl of water and boil it for 5-6 mins. Have them after cooling it down.The best part of it is that you can have it anytime in a day. Although it will taste slightly bitter but its benefits outweigh its bitterness.

3.Belly flattening juice :

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For this special juice we need cucumber, spearmint leaves and ginger.Cucumber, which is rich in water and low in calories; spearmint,full of minerals and vitamins and ginger undoubtedly, an effective belly fat blaster together contribute in cutting your belly fat.This juice should be taken before going to bed as metabolism rate slows down when we sleep. It will help to fasten the metabolism and burn fat while you are asleep.
So these are some quite easy and quick ways to reduce the excess fat without doing away with your favorite foods. Hope this was a perfect answer to “How to lose weight fast at home without exercise”

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You never knew that these simple home-made hacks can make you shed KGs!

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