This study proved that going cashless can prevent you from diseases. Know how!


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“Money”, “currency”, “legal tender” are words which tempt people, no matter which country they belong to. We know that currency notes do not remain in one hand ; they get  passed . In this mechanism there is a very high possibility of carrying germs as they are routed through different hands and places. Following are two major studies carried out to prove this fact:

  1. New York University’s ‘Dirty Money’ Project performed a study on the DNA found on dollar bills . And to your surprise the study found hundreds of varieties of germs present on them. Around 3000 different types of bacteria were found growing on money bills.
  2. The Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology in Delhi in its recent study conducted in May , 2016 took notes from such places where these are used at a large scale like grocery stores, medical stores and street vendors. The study found that among the microbes present on notes , 70% constituted fungi, 9% bacteria and the rest were viruses.

Similar studies were conducted in other nations too, all of which point out to the fact that notes are one of the dirtiest things around us but hardly cared about by anyone.


But this doesn’t mean we should stop using notes and coins. Rather we should take some precautions like using sanitizer after touching notes, avoiding accepting notes from people who have infection, avoid bringing them in contact with our mouth and to an even safer and easy move is doing cashless transactions as much as possible.

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This study proved that going cashless can prevent you from diseases. Know how!

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