Meet the man who inspired the Character of “Phunsuk Wangdu” in 3 Idiots!


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The reel life Character of “Phunsuk Wangdu” exceptionally played by Aamir Khan in the Megahit Movie, “3 idiots” was inspired by an engineer from Leh, Sonam Wangchu. On 15th Nov’16 Mr. Wangchu became the second Indian to win a Rolex Award for Enterprise 2016 for his ground-breaking project that he calls, “Ice Stupas”.

These Ice Stupas are artificial glaciers that ensure supply of water in the cold deserts of the Himalayas. Farmers in Ladakh face colossal shortage of water during the sowing season, so these Ice Stupas shaped as cones act as mini glaciers and slowly release water for irrigation. The Cone shape of the Stupas prevents the ice to melt as it allows lesser surface area to come in contact with the sunlight so as, they hold maximum volume of water. Wangchu intends on building 20 Ice stupas to combat the problem fully and cover every part of the Himalayan Desert.

phunsukh wangdu

He also works at The Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh (SECMOL) alternative school in Phey where he teaches young students and together, they come up with eco- ideas to make the lives of people easier in the freezing conditions.

There’s every reason to be enamored of Mr.Wangdu who has worked diligently for his people.

We express our gratitude to Mr. Wangdu for all he has done.

We congratulate you for the Award!

India is proud of you!

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Meet the man who inspired the Character of “Phunsuk Wangdu” in 3 Idiots!

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