Priyanka Chopra took the Mannequin Challenge with her team ; She didn’t even blink her eye!

priyanka chopra mannequin challenge

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The internet has gone gaga over a new fad “the Mannequin Challenge” where the person is immobile as a mannequin; while the camera captures the moment stopped in time with some trendy music playing in the background. Priyanka Chopra, our International Superstar took this viral internet video trend with her team and posted the one-minute video on twitter – ” priyanka chopra mannequin challenge “

She tweeted, ““Freezing this moment forever. This is just a part of my India team- can’t believe I got them to stop working for 1min! See u in the new year,” The video is absolutely captivating as it captures all the work that goes behind the scenes into making a “Star”, show-biz ready. The hairdresser fussing over the Star’s hair, to the designer tinkering her dress, the make- up artist gazing at her face for the final touches and her assistant is busy attending to her calls while she stands on the stage holding her mic.

Priyanka is never incompetent in keeping her fans madly in love with her. The Quantico star, who is also making her Hollywood debut through the movie, Baywatch had a wonderful year that was a milestone in her career. And at the end of 2016, she gave her fans a last souvenir with this video.


😂; PC did the mannequin challenge with her team 💕 — #priyankachopra #mannequinchallenge

A video posted by Priyanka Chopra Fan (@pcourheartbeat) on

Priyanka chopra mannequin challenge. Inputs Via

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Priyanka Chopra took the Mannequin Challenge with her team ; She didn’t even blink her eye!

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