A teenager’s personal account on safety, rate list and precautions you must take before visiting GB road

“Is GB Road safe?”, “Gb road delhi rate list”, “How to visit Gb road” are one of the most frequently searched terms on the internet by Delhi boys. This is a personal account of Rahul (Name changed), a student of DU, who  visited this red light area several times to cater to these questions. So here is begins :
I am Rahul . I am currently a student at DU and in the second year of my graduation. In this restless, practical and materialistic society the words “Love” and “affection” have lost their value. People need satisfaction that is quick and economical. As a consequence, the youth has lately started resorting to paid sex rather than “emotional attachment” with their lover. I Can’t comment upon whether we are going the right way or not, but still here is a research work of mine (I have literally visited that area to conduct this research for you people!) which will provide you with all the answers that sprout up in your mind when you reckon the word “GB road”

1.) “Is GB road safe” :
Well, the answer to this question depends upon “person to person” and “situation to situation”. By “person to person” i mean – what kind of personality you hold? Me and my friend( Anuj) visited same brother (64 Number) .  I am quite a shy person and get conscious on being exposed to new situations. But my friend is bold, confident with a strong built. So, as the facts of the case point out, I was at the target of the ladies out there and a group of women groped me from behind and started molesting me asking me to give them all my valuables. However, Anuj was in quite a safe-zone . Don’t give any personal information to any prostitute out there or ask for their phone number!

2) “GB Road Delhi Rate list” :
The question in itself is not complete in itself. The prices depend upon Brothel to Brothel an the type of service. Different charges are ther for day and night . Although, most of the brothels have a standard rate of Rs.300, you might have to provide some extra tip to the girl to get an excellent service. Charges for night stay are different ranging from Rs.1000-1500.

3)”How to visit GB road” :
There are a couple of routes and means through which you can reach out here. But safest way is the Metro (New Delhi Railway Station). Therefrom, you can get e-rickshaw which will charge no more than Rs.10 per person. Don’t go walking on the road as you may be robbed by pimps out there!

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A teenager’s personal account on safety, rate list and precautions you must take before visiting GB road

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