Arnab Goswami is back to rebel against the Fence-sitters through his new enterprise, “Republic”!


The carrier of truth; the man who spoke without any fear and who stole our hearts at his 9pm Debate show, “The News hour” is back with an enterprise of his own named, “Republic”.

When Arnab quit as the Editor-in-Chief of the Times Now, in November; he spoke about how he is pursuing “an independent media” and the fact that he wanted to revolutionize the ways of media and be the one to lead the change. Well, his fans didn’t have to wait forever because the vociferous man has returned.

He has begun to gather the masses in his endeavors, by launching the Twitter handle and Facebook page of his new venture, “Republic”.


The nation wants to know! We are now live on social. Until we hit your screens, track the revolution here! #RepublicOnSocial

– Republic (@republic) January 7, 2017


Shout out to the Republic! Track our journey on Facebook  #RepublicOnSocial

– Republic (@Republic) January 7, 2017


He also posted the link to his website, which has a poster of his picture with the sign “Coming Soon” on it.

Arnab Goswami recently spoke at the 2017 Under 25 summit in Bengaluru which took place on 8th Jan, to gather support from the youth of the nation and to take journalism to his pinnacle. He said, For 10 years, in Lutyens’ Delhi, I have seen the decay and near demise of this beautiful profession of journalism that has been compromised beyond belief. You and I together will save Indian journalism from the influence of Lutyens’ Delhi. Take journalism outside Delhi; take it to Pune, to Guwahati, to Bengaluru, to Mumbai but the national capital. They are so compromised, so co-opted they have no right to represent the people.”

We can expect a ground-breaking revolution from Arnab!

So, Hold on!

The game has just begun.

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Arnab Goswami is back to rebel against the Fence-sitters through his new enterprise, “Republic”!

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